Meet the Team

Edi­tor at Lar­ge


A self-pro­clai­med citi­zen of the world, Vir­gi­nia loves India. Stum­bling into Pon­di­cher­ry almost by chan­ce, she dis­co­ve­red a uni­que Indian-Fren­ch cultu­ral his­to­ry les­son wai­ting for her.
Pon­di­cher­ry is now very dear to her heart, the Old Town, the New Town, the sur­roun­ding vil­la­ges, the extra­or­di­na­ry mix­tu­re of cus­toms, and, abo­ve all, the peo­ple who make the pla­ce so spe­cial.
The cast of cha­rac­ters from the past, the peo­ple who live and work the­re now, and tho­se young Pon­di­cher­rians who will sha­pe the futu­re of their town, the­se are the rea­sons Vir­gi­nia will always return.

Edi­tor (Engli­sh)

ShubhamShub­ham Bis­was is cur­rent­ly wor­king at INTACH Pon­di­cher­ry as a Resear­ch Coor­di­na­tor. He spent his child­hood gro­wing up in the city of Cal­cut­ta amid­st the rem­nants of the Bri­ti­sh Raj, whi­ch spar­ked his inter­est in Indo-Euro­pean cultu­ral exchan­ges from a young age. Over the cour­se of his tra­vels to old colo­nial cities like Chan­der­na­go­re, Seram­po­re, Masu­li­pat­nam and Goa, his inter­est in ear­ly inter­ac­tions bet­ween the East and the West has only grown in leaps and bounds.

Edi­tor (Fren­ch)

anne-copieAnne More­no is an archi­tect (DEA) from Reu­nion Island. She has always been sen­si­ti­ve to issues of heri­ta­ge pre­ser­va­tion and conser­va­tion whi­ch led her to take up seve­ral rela­ted inter­n­ships in Reu­nion Island invol­ving the res­to­ra­tion of ver­na­cu­lar creo­le vil­las. For the time being, she has set up shop in Pon­di­cher­ry. This old fren­ch out­post nest­led on the bay of Ben­gal, with pas­sing simi­la­ri­ties to Reu­nion Island has left her with a desi­re to explo­re their com­mon his­to­ri­cal ties.


sarahSarah is a U.S. nati­ve cur­rent­ly living in Pon­di­cher­ry and wor­king as a midd­le school Engli­sh tea­cher. With a back­ground in Anthro­po­lo­gy and a pas­sion for local cultu­res, she spends her days off explo­ring the diver­se milieu that is Pon­di­cher­ry, and contri­bu­ting heri­ta­ge content to seve­ral pro­jects in the city.


12795329_506378152867623_4583453264195760104_n Sus­mi­ta Bhat­ta­cha­rya, inter­ning at INTACH is a gra­dua­ting archi­tect from Kol­ka­ta. « Archi­tec­tu­re is fro­zen art »; so art and illus­tra­tions are an exten­sion to archi­tec­tu­re. Enthu­sed by the beau­ty of the enri­ched heri­ta­ge of Pon­di­cher­ry, and with the pas­sion to crea­te her own ima­ge­ry of beau­ty, she has embar­ked on a jour­ney of recrea­ting and cap­tu­ring the heri­ta­ge of Pon­di­cher­ry with her own hands.