Pon­dy­Post aims to crea­te an anec­do­tal recons­truc­tion of Pon­di­cher­ry through the expe­rien­ces, memories,myths, legends and sto­ries asso­cia­ted with the wide array of peo­ple who have made this city their home . A domi­nant­ly Euro­cen­tric pers­pec­ti­ve on the his­to­ry of most pla­ces in post-colo­nial India, howe­ver, paints only a small pic­tu­re of an essen­tial grand nar­ra­ti­ve for the region.

We aim to crea­te a forum for sprea­ding awa­re­ness among the citi­zens of Pon­di­cher­ry to nur­tu­re a sen­se of sha­red owner­ship and belon­ging by making them more awa­re of their cultu­ral heri­ta­ge and how it has trans­for­med the cha­rac­ter of the ter­ri­to­ry.

We belie­ve that a sus­tai­na­ble approa­ch to heri­ta­ge mana­ge­ment should invol­ve acti­ve par­ti­ci­pa­tion from the com­mu­ni­ty on their own terms and to this effect, our blog will be tri­lin­gual : Engli­sh, Tamil and Fren­ch, the three prin­ci­pal lan­gua­ges in Pon­di­cher­ry to this day. Each lan­gua­ge with its inhe­rent socio-cultu­ral construct pro­vi­des a uni­que lens through whi­ch we obser­ve our sur­roun­dings and we hope that it will ulti­ma­te­ly sti­mu­la­te a more nuan­ced and inclu­si­ve dis­cus­sion about a heri­ta­ge whi­ch belongs to each and one of us.

We would like to extend an invi­ta­tion to peo­ple all over the world who hold Pon­di­cher­ry clo­se to their hearts, to contri­bu­te to this ever flo­wing conver­sa­tion.
You can send in docu­ments, pho­tos or any form of media and we will make sure your sto­ry is heard.

Contact us : hello@pondypost.com

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